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  •  If Bush Orders A Troop Surge... (5+ / 0-)

    There are some well-intentioned people in the Democratic Party who feel that starting the impeachment process against George Bush will be counter-productive. However, if George Bush goes through with his "troop surge," he may well initiate a series of unstoppable events that may not lead to his impeachment, but might very well lead to him and Dick Cheney being forced to resign before the end of 2007.

    Why do I believe this? First, his troop surge will not quell the violence that is consuming Iraq. The tactics of roadside bombs, car bombs, suicide bombers, and mass kidnappings and killings of civilians are non-confrontational tactics. They are tactics created not to confront the American forces head-on but to foster chaos and terror in the Iraqi public and a politically motivated group of people can employ these tactics no matter how many troops or security forces patrol the streets. Couple what would be the increasing deaths of our soldiers that will surely accompany a troop surge along with the new Democratic investigations that will expose the fraud, waste and incompetence of the Iraq War, and we will see growing outrage among the American public in the next 3-8 months. This will manifest itself with ever-growing national street demonstrations demanding impeachment.

    If Bush goes through with the troop surge plan, he will be ignoring the Iraq Study Group and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Both of these groups include people who are at the heart of the Republican Party. These are the kind of people who do not appreciate being ignored. As the death toll for our soldiers rises during the first half of 2007, it will be quickly realized that this surge isn’t working. No Republican congressman or senator who is up for re-election in 2008 will support Bush. Without the Republican Party and the military, George Bush will be isolated. By this time, the Democratic investigations will have uncovered enough that Articles of Impeachment can be drafted. With the help of a Republican Party realizing they don’t stand a chance in 2008 if they continue to support Bush, the sage "gray suits" of the Republican Party will meet with Bush and Cheney and offer them two choices: resign or be impeached. Cheney will resign first for health reasons and Bush will pick a "caretaker" Vice President acceptable to both the Republicans and Democrats. Within eight weeks after naming this new Vice President, Bush will resign.

    The events in Iraq and within the American public now are dynamic, fluid and moving very quickly. Combined, they have an emotion and momentum all their own. If George Bush goes through with his troop surge, I doubt anyone will be able to stop the movement for us to get out of Iraq even if that means mass demonstrations demanding impeachment and the forced resignation of Bush and Cheney. It will be the first time in American history that both a President and Vice President will resign and a fitting end to the most irresponsible, incompetent presidential administration to ever govern our country.

    •  Interesting analysis (0+ / 0-)

      and quite plausible.
      I would correct you on one point, it would not be the first time in our history that both a president and vp resigned. Remember Nixon and Agnew?

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