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View Diary: Contemplating the Terrorist Who Strikes the Indian Point Nuclear Station. (26 comments)

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  •  Here is the data for Ireland's electrical demand: (0+ / 0-)

    Energy In Ireland 1990-2005, see table 2 for data

    Ireland produces 96.4% of its energy from fossil fuels.  It produces 0.6% of its energy from wind.  It produces 0.3% of its energy from hydro.  Overall it produces 2.5% of its energy from all renewables.   The balance, not specified, must be wood and waste burning.

    Mostly Ireland burns peat, the equivalent of uncompressed coal.

    Any nation with an energy profile like Ireland's that does not build nuclear power plants is killing its own citizens and citizens of the rest of the world through moral indifference.  

    Nuclear power plants save lives and enrich humanity.

    I note that if Ireland managed to produce 15% of their energy from renewable sources, you would pretend that the other 85% doesn't exist.

    You are indifferent to the use of fossil fuels and I refuse to accept that highly immoral position from anyone.   I regard such a view as a form of ignorance.

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