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View Diary: Saddam's Execution - Conversation with his Appeals Court Judge (107 comments)

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    The algorithms that determine TU status don't care about your opinions; rather, it seems (from observation not from inside knowledge) that all they see is frequency of posting and whether or not your postings get responses.  So equating TU to unpopular opinions is a non-sequitur.  

    That being said there is good reason to execute Saddam, though not for the sake of psychological comfort to his victims.  

    The rational basis for executing Saddam is that if he was held in prison in Iraq, he would become a focal point for various groups using violence to achieve their goals.  For example you would see kidnappings and gruesome hostage murders (videos included) aimed at getting him out.   Whereas, once he is dead, there may be some retaliatory acts, but not the potential for acts intended to obtain his release from a prison cell.    

    Under normal conditions, the disposition of a convicted criminal should in no way be governed by the actions of others over whom the criminal has no control.  That is, it's a gross miscarriage of justice to execute someone because his homies might go on a rampage.  

    However for extraordinary defendants such as dictators or leaders of movements, particularly in the midst of war, this sort of thing might be permissible as an exception.  

    It still would have been far preferable for him to be tried at the Hague, sentenced to life w/o parole, and locked up somewhere in Europe where the authorities are outside the reach of influence by hostage-takers and suchlike.  

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