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    I'm not sure about on land in Iraq, but on the ship i was stationed on, any call from the ship was $1/min.  

    So a $20 phone card would last less than 20 minutes after connection fees/other bullshit.

    That REALLY adds up, especially if you have more than one person to call.  God forbid you get an answering machine/voicemail and lose 2 or 3 minutes/dollars without even talking to anyone.

    Giving phone cards is a fantastic idea, and means so much to those who are stuck with so few comforts (and so few dollars).


    Also, we should question the communications providers (AT&T on my ship) and ask them if $1/minute is really the absolute best they can do for those serving so honorably.  Again, I'm not sure of the rates on ground in Iraq, but as long as it's not FREE, it can be BETTER!

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