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  •  Army Regulations (6+ / 0-)

    Allow for free, long distance calls for soldiers who are in hostile fire areas, isolated overseas locations and recouperating from wounds in Army medical facilities worldwide.

    Why in the hell these guys have to go begging for phone cards is criminal.  When I get back to work Wednesday I'm calling the Army IG and demand an investigation into this.  Allowing GI's to make free calls can be done over the DOD network or through links with commercial lines with the Army picking up the tab.  Access to such calls is usually authorized by some rockhead officer at the medical facility who runs the program.

    If, for any reason, GI's are denied access to free calls, then Congress needs to know about it.  At the very least, they can step in and fund it.  The Army, if it requires funding, will restrict access.

    Morale already must suck, and not letting these GI's call home certainly isn't helping.  

    •  I think we'd all like (3+ / 0-)
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      to hear back from you on what you find out.  I'm sure the stories (and pleas) for phone cards, care packages, disability resolution, meals, taxes, etc., etc. has not been my/our imagination.

      The Fisher House is presented as "the model" for rehabilitaing veterans but it's done by private caring donors.  Where is the government who sent these ment and women in to battle?

      There are all these organizations that are trying to fill a gap that should be accounted for by Congress.  To date, George W. Bush has cut 3 Billion dollars out of veterans benefits and programs.

      Go figure.

      (-9.00, -8.92) No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices. --Edward R. Murrow

      by craigb on Fri Dec 29, 2006 at 09:12:24 PM PST

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