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  •  well, I like it very much ! (5+ / 0-)

    ~ who cares what the freepers think ? they think the Grand Canyon was made by Noah's flood....

    nice work there, Fred in Vt !!!

    "if your toes each represent one trillion dollars, then each little piggy is fucking screwed!!" BiPM

    by Dvalkure on Sat Dec 30, 2006 at 12:34:46 PM PST

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    •  Here is the real moving picture we have paid for (1+ / 0-)
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      who cares what the freepers think

      Well yes.  And in fact they are posting links to some sort of unauthorized cell-phone video of the execution.  It is clearly the real thing.  I wonder if it is really going to make people feel better.  The two points I get from it are that it was angry and confused and disorganized and that Saddam was there making his points in Arabic right to the end (no hood or anything) when he drops from sight.

      I hope every American watches it because we all paid dearly for that moment, as unsatisfactory as it is. 

      BTW here is the link, it gives a glimpse into the new world we have created in Baghdad.


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