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    no living in wire floor cages (they are easier to clean and deform their feet) as the breeders end up with deformed feet and can't walk on solid ground.

    One litter a year for the breeder's health is plenty.

    After three years the female can no longer breed. She must be spayed by her owner before she is given away or sold. Too many are given away by "good" puppy mills only to head downward into the pits of puppy mills. Each breeder is her own Black Beauty story.

    A breeder cannot be euthanized just because she cannot be used anymore. A deposit must be set aside for each breeder to pay for her spaying. (This will ensure that she will not be put down secretly as her spaying fee will not be returned.)  She must be given for adoption with the usual vet checks and an adoption fee to cover shots, spaying and worming at cost. This ensures that the adoptee has enough money to keep the animal healthy. Or given to a rescue non-profit licensed group.

    These are off the top of my head and are redundant, but will protect the breeding females and males. We often think of only the females but I have seen male breeders in the most awful condition you can imagine. They are used and used and used for years and years and years and look dead when you get them.

    Rescue groups also need to be inspected. Often they are really awful and belie their name. You cannot depend on them to be clean, careful in their assessment of adoptees, or health conscious.

    We often lose money on an animal. We also have what we call fund raisers, the little ones that are high premium to raise funds for the less adoptable ones. All breeders end up with rotten teeth. Dentals are routinely done on all our rescued breeders. My little HoneyBee had all black teeth when I got her among other horrendous complications. So many that it took a year of love to get her to approach normal and by then I couldn't give her up.

    Keep in touch as I volunteer for a good group and can provide you with lots of info. We spay about 2500 dogs a year. And the problem just keeps getting worse.

    I would also suggest the law enforcement office run constant classifieds promoting rescue adoptions to drive all money breeders out of business. True breeders that are genetically informed and interested in improving the breed are very few and are probably licensed. Promote them to compare them with the slum ones and the backyard pocket money ones. These are sometimes the worst. Hey, I gotta female so let's us put our dogs together and make some puppy money. Cross breeds are now going for big dollars. Pugs/poodles;labradors and poodles;Yorkies and poodles; etc And they have names too. All the poodle mixes are to avoid shedding hair. So a substandard unhealthy poodle can be mixed with an another breed and all of a sudden it is A OK.

    Sorry to go on so long about this but I am involved in it just about every day.

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