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  •  History is huge... (6+ / 0-)

    ...and mostly unlinked.  I ran out of the patience to finish them:


    1. History for Kossacks: Modern Lebanon by Unitary Moonbat
    2. History for Kossacks: American Politics, ca. 1850 by Unitary Moonbat
    3. History for Kossacks: Bleeding Kansas by Unitary Moonbat
    4. History for Kossacks: American Politics, 1856-1860 by Unitary Moonbat
    5. History for Kossacks: Election of 1860 by Unitary Moonbat
    6. History for Kossacks: April, 1861 by Unitary Moonbat
    7. History for Kossacks: 1862 - Shiloh and Emancipation by Unitary Moonbat
    8. History for Kossacks: Gulf of Tonkin Incident by Unitary Moonbat
    9. History for Kossacks: 1863 - Battles, Leadership, and Riots by Unitary Moonbat
    10. History for Kossacks: Ancient Bondage by Unitary Moonbat
    11. History for Kossacks: American Bondage by Unitary Moonbat
    12. Impeachment, Historically Speaking by Unitary Moonbat
    13. History for Kossacks: Ancient Afghanistan by Unitary Moonbat
    14. CAN HIST 101:Era of Encounter (Canadian History for Americans Part 1) by aphra behn
    15. CAN HIST 101: Age of New France (Canadian History for Americans, Part 2) by aphra behn
    16. Founding Mothers: Matoaka, The Real Pocahontas by aphra behn
    17. CAN HIST 101, Part 3: Battle for North America (Canadian History for Americans) by aphra behn
    18. Founding Mothers: Anne Hutchinson, Puritan Rebel by aphra behn
    19. Founding Mothers: Abigail Adams, Partner in Patriotism by aphra behn
    20. History for Kossacks: American Women's History 1820-1860 (Special Guest Edition) by aphra behn
    21. Of Poetry and PTSD: Musings on World War I by aphra behn
    22. Founding Mothers: Phillis Wheatley, Poetic Voice by aphra behn
    23. Supervixens #18: Wild Women of Wicked Wit (Or, an Evening with the Real Aphra Behn) by aphra behn
    24. Remembering Canada: The First World War by aphra behn
    25. History for Kossacks: Of Slaves and Serfs (Special Guest Edition) by aphra behn
    26. History for Kossacks: Slavery Comes to America (Special Guest Edition) by aphra behn
    27. Supervixens 24: Sing out Sisters! (Or, an Evening with Hildegard von Bingen) by aphra behn
    28. Forgotten Founding Fathers: Charles Pinckney by mkfox
    29. Forgotten Founding Fathers: William Blount by mkfox
    30. Forgotten Founding Fathers: Eleazar Wheelock by mkfox
    31. Forgotten Founding Fathers: John Dickinson by mkfox
    32. Forgotten Founding Fathers: Israel Putnam by mkfox
    33. William Jennings Bryan Democrats by mkfox
    34. Forgotten Founding Fathers: Abraham Baldwin by mkfox
    35. Forgotten Founding Fathers: George Rogers Clark by mkfox
    36. Forgotten Founding Fathers: Francis Alison by mkfox
    37. Forgotten Founding Fathers: John Trumbull by mkfox
    38. Forgotten Founding Fathers: Pierre Charles L’Enfant by mkfox
    39. Forgotten Founding Fathers: Benjamin Stoddert by mkfox
    40. History of Iraq: 1933 - 1939 by gjohnsit
    41. History of Iraq: 1947 - 1963 by gjohnsit
    42. History of Iraq: Oil, Commies, and Ba'ath by gjohnsit
    43. Baseball's First Martyred Saint by gjohnsit
    44. History of Iraq: 1963 - 1970 by gjohnsit
    45. History of Iraq: 1970 - 1979 by gjohnsit
    46. History of Iraq: 1979 - 1989 by gjohnsit
    47. History of Iraq: What History Teaches Us by gjohnsit
    48. The American army's most infamous day by gjohnsit
    49. Ten Tragic Days by gjohnsit
    50. 2008: 1948 without Dewey? by Nonpartisan
    51. The History of Political Dirty Tricks: Pt. 1, The Okhrana and the Paris Bourse by leveymg
    52. The History of Dirty Tricks (pt. 3): Who Benefited From the Self-Destruction of Europe? by leveymg
    53. Slavery for Kossacks! by ArkDem14
    54. Roman Emperors worse than Bush - History for Kossacks by Boris Godunov
    55. Prison Camps and the Trail of Tears (Conclusions) by Winter Rabbit
    56. Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890: 116th Anniversary, 12-29-06, (Part 2) by Winter Rabbit
    57. Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890: 116th Anniversary. 12-29-06, (Part 3) by Winter Rabbit
    58. Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890: 116th Anniversary. 12-29-06, (Conclusions) by Winter Rabbit
    59. George Rogers Clark: The Other Side of the Story by litho
    60. The Caucuses' Greatest Hits: An Iowan's Historic Perspective by jdeeth
    61. Bush family history 1900 to 1920: The rise of American Fascism by LondonYank
    62. Nursing History, Part I by yoduuuh do or do not
    63. Weight. Balancing Fat with Feelings, Habits With Health © by Bcgntn
    64. The Key to Your Daughter's Vagina by incertus
    65. Victor Jara and Augusto Pinochet by planetwaves
    66. History of The Horn of Africa by dopper0189
    67. The Defense Of Wake by Rimjob
    68. The Flight of Discovery on STS-121 by Paper Cup
    69. Teaching Vietnam (trailer) by jimstaro
    70. Are we in V, yet? by dnta

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