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  •  You could ... but the start-up cost goes up. (0+ / 0-)

    The underwater cabling to bring the power to land costs money ... money to lay and money to maintain. It makes more economic sense to start building the windgenerators on the landward edge of the economically viable zone, and build out from shore as you expand. Then the closer windgenerators pay for the initial cabling, and the additional windgenerator pay to piggyback onto their cabling.

    Its kind of, maybe not the pink areas, but the whole purple and red part ... windgenerators there. Except for the shipping channels and the lower yield areas close to shore, they can eventually blanket the lake.

    This is not just about power for Ohio ... this is about a good chunk of the market for electric power for the whole East Coast. This is an Export Industry of a resource to other states, with money coming in to keep building more and to keep maintaining the ones we already got. And to attract industries that can use variable but plentiful off peak power from the Lake to establish in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Sandusky, Toledo (and, yeah, Detroit, Chicago, Buffalo, those places too).

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