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  •  I have a question ~ (3+ / 0-)
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    Here you say that you know Disney knows what's going on:

    I do know that people at Disney are all aware of what they have been saying. I made sure that they knew what Rogers and Morgan were saying. I think Morgan’s non-apology (where she never mentioned the word bull's-eye and pretended it was about the Speaker-elect's looks.) proves that they know what she did was wrong and hope that they can pass it all off as a joke. The audio clips prove she was not joking. I  have no insight into their internal actions after they heard the audio clips, but I know that they got my emails and listened to the audio clips

    I'm sure you still have the emails, but my question is are emails proof or should you have followed up with a snailmail just for the record?  If so, should someone (maybe thousands of people) be sending them letters now to make sure they cannot deny knowing and ignoring what has been going on?

    This is why I'm asking the question:

    One advertiser, Mahatma Rice, wrote me and said that they simply saw that KSFO was a Disney affiliate and believed that they were family-friendly and "innocuous" so they bought the ads. They were shocked when they heard what went out over the air. That is how it is done folks.

    KSFO doesn't want them to hear content. Just see numbers and demographics. They will hide under the Disney banner to see space and bully, but when it comes times to attach Disney to the hate speech it is all "They are a separate group and they have their free speech."

    So, they are hidiing under the Disney banner and Disney is complicit because they know what's going on. But as the last paragraph says, Disney will claim they are 'a separate group'.  

    That's why I asked about your communication with Disney. When it comes to this stage, do you think that there is enough proof that Disney knows, or should we all be writing now to Disney, directing them to the audios or to where to find them, so they cannot get off the hook?

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