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View Diary: Spocko Rocks ABC! Micky Mouse blinks! Updated: Spocko jumps in (391 comments)

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  •  Maybe it's time somebody got on the air and... (1+ / 0-)
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    ...repeated their hate speech verbatim, with no reference to the origins.  And change Muslim to Christian.  And the race from Black to White, and the names from liberals to conservatives, etc.

    When the ensuing firestorm erupts, turn it around by exposing the sources and targets of the original hate speech from right-wing radio.  Explain that the quotes were repeated with the targets changed (to those in power) to point out the hate and the hypocrisy, and who is really dividing our country. Then ask, why is it only wrong when the Right, Whites and Conservatives are attacked on the air?

    Any volunteers?

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