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  •  Formula: Facist Radio in Liberal Cities (4+ / 0-)
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    SarahLee, tikkun, javelina, kurt

    I used to live in the San Francisco Bay Area and this station was, indeed, notorious (they are the ones who actually "discovered" Michael Savage).

    It's a weird formula: Setup Fascist Radio in a Liberal City!  

    Evidently, there is a very profitable "market" in this for all the seething "dittoheads" commuting back and forth.  

    The Disney affiliate in Los Angeles is also tilted toward the Right.  

    By the Way, this twisted phenomenon was not invented in the South or the "Red State" so-called heartland.  This twisted phenomenon was invented in "liberal" New York.  All through the 1980s, Don Imus, Howard Stern, and a really awful guy named Bob Grant routinely denounced "N*****s" and "S***s" over the public airwaves.  Rush Limbaugh began his career in Missouri, but he moved to "liberal" New York when he hit the "Big Time."    

    Incidently, why some people say it's all about profits and not about ideology, it is instructive that big corporate media like Disney do not sponsor "Far Left" talk radio in South Carolina or Kansas.  

    It may be about profits, but its the kind of profit-taking that mostly Republican Big Business approves of.  

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