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View Diary: British Army Chiefs Revolt Over Soldiers' Homes (5 comments)

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  •  thanks for posting that (0+ / 0-)

    Especially coming from someone who describes himself as not supporting the armed forces.  

    A close friend of mine in the US Army who has done training & other exercises with the UK Army, has the deepest respect for British soldiers and holds them in the highest esteem.  He talked at great length about their skill and dedication, their attitudes, capabilities, and so on.  

    Y'all in the UK have a force you should be proud of.  The idea that they are housed in accommodations that don't even stand up to 19th century standards of sanitation, is disgraceful.  Tell the MoD to go back and read the Dawes report!  Hand-washing basins for God's sake!  And showers!  And no bloody rats sneakin' about in the dorms!  

    There is no excuse for any of that.  Military accommodations should be spartan but clean and fit, and the infrastructure should work.  That's the basic minimum.  Your warriors and their families deserve nothing less.  

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