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View Diary: Citizen Activists Arise: You Are Needed for the PEACE Surge (37 comments)

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  •  I also want to add (2+ / 0-)

    that the oversubscription to the American Enterprise Institute's analysis as opposed to the opinions of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was kind of horrifying (see my comment above--Sen. Gordon Smith's staffer gave us that perspective).

    The blogosphere is many things, but among those things the kind of arguments and sharing of perspectives that go on in the netroots yield intelligence that seems otherwise missing.

    I can hardly find words to describe the LACK of information that the Members seem to have. They are briefed by others inside the bubble.  They are given data from inside the bubble. They do not read the conversations herein and they do not understand the intelligence of the grassroots.

    This is why it is critical to tell them what they need to know.

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