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View Diary: Citizen Activists Arise: You Are Needed for the PEACE Surge (37 comments)

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  •  THAT'S what we need!!! (2+ / 0-)

    Hundreds of vigils, all over the country. And then, SEND THE PHOTOS AND VIDEOS TO YOUR MEMBERS!!

    Heart, I was part of a group of women who visited the Dem. Senators offices around the torture bill. Ken Salazar's office was one we went to. Ken, as you no doubt know, voted for the bill. We met with his senior staffer who was about as emotionally conflicted as she could be. I am deadly serious when I say to you and everyone reading this: THEY NEED INPUT!!

    I live near the Senate and I tell you that every single day lobbyists for special interests meet with these staffers and Members and tell them they need to legislate for big business and cheap oil.  

    WE are the counters to that and we need to let them know what we are doing!

    •  Central Colorado Coaltion on the Iraq War (0+ / 0-)

      Here's the Coalition's website.  Take a look. Central Colorado Coalition on the Iraq War

    •  We contact Salazar frequently (0+ / 0-)

      and get junk responses back, but we won't keep trying.  His brother in the H of Rep is just as bad.  I'm sure you know Ken was the one who introduced Gonzales to the Senate and justified his support by citing Gonzales's rise to prominence from poverty.  Never mind his qualifications or positions.

      Thanks for going to his office.  We live over 100 miles from his nearest office, although he comes often to our county.  Some of our peace promoters refuse to turn out, which I think is unproductive, although I barely trust myself to be in his presence.

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