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View Diary: Some Would Have You Believe David Brooks Is An Airhead (253 comments)

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  •  But if the Left attacks the rich (12+ / 0-)

    for exploiting the rest of Americans and tries to tax the wealthy, or even worse, taxes capital (Why is work taxed at a higher rate than dividends or capital gains?), then we are promoting class  warfare.

    What this country needs is a little more, old-fashioned class warfare, and a little less phony populism on cultural issues by the rich as they pick the pockets of the rest of America.

    This is why Brooks is an enemy of working Americans.
    Profits over people is his agenda.  

    •  Amen! (1+ / 0-)
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      There's one subject in America that is even more taboo than race, and that's class.  

      How on earth did we get to the point that we can no longer discuss income disparity as a real issue?  How did it get to the point where the costs of higher education rise so much more quickly than income, and more and more the elite are drawn from those with inherited wealth?

      Why is it that when the right wing spews on about welfare cheats, this is code for people of color - when the fact is, most people on welfare are rural, white, single moms?  

      Brooks is an elite little shit with no native talent, a child of privilege just like W.  Neither would be where they are if they had been born in poverty.  It galls me to no end when he pretends that the Republican Party is a party of equal opportunity.  

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