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  •  My point is... (2+ / 0-)
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    ...that I am lower middle class in my town despite the fact that I make much more than the average American.  However, I also live in one of the most expensive housing markets in the nation in the county where salaries are highest nationwide.  Yep, I sure do feel for the grocery cart pusher and the Kohl's cashier.  I think about them every time I see them.  I wonder how they make ends meet in a place where a one bedroom apartment can go for $1300/month without association fees (tack on another $200.00). I think about the illegal immigrants who rent a townhouse and cram people in every square inch.  (I saw this when I was shopping for a home to buy.  There were mattresses in literally every room of the house) I worry about the little spanish speaking kid who spends her days at Wendy's while her mother works behind the counter.  She had no other kids to play with, she was getting fat on french fries and her teeth were rotting.  She looked to be about 5 years old.  This is in my town where the Hummers use the drive-thru to take home dinner to their pampered brats.  
    Most Americans don't live here.  I'm guessing my income would be plush in Cleveland.  

    -3.63, -4.46 "Choose something like a star to stay your mind on- and be staid"

    by goldberry on Thu Jan 04, 2007 at 07:59:27 AM PST

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