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  •  what msm have you been seeing? (0+ / 0-)

    ...i havent' seen any of my six rather mild proposals discussed in or on any msm source???

    especially so since one of them, the feingold matter, will be submitted only today by the good senator...

    •  I was referring to: "I believe you will fail" (1+ / 0-)
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      in a nutshell.

      as far as your list? well, Pelosi shouldn't be ordering Conyers to do anything, after "an afternoon with her staff." do you get Conyers' emails about his plans? you should sign up.

      I'll leave it to Feingold (also on his list) to ask for help in the way he feels best. The preemptive unnecessary attack on Rangel's symbolic draft bill? Pelosi will never do that -- and shouldn't. The bill's come to a vote a couple times, never gotten more than 2-3 votes, but it serves to remind us that those at the top of the economic ladder don't "sacrifice" much when it comes to wars, particularly apt this week with Bush's "sacrifice" theme. Even if you don't agree with that statement, Rep. Rangel has every right to draft his bill, and have it be considered in the usual way, as he sees fit. If the Bush administration wants a draft, they won't do it through Rangel's bill, which would require national service for their own little scions.

      as far as GOP votes not needed, I'll assume it's high minded "do what's right even if it's doomed" rhetoric, that you understand that just because Pelosi "orders" this or that doesn't mean it will happen, various 2/3s requirements for one, and plenty of incumbent Dems not, in fact, elected "to stop this murderous administration in its tracks" no matter how you or I feel.

      don't get me wrong, I stood vigil on Sunday for 3,000 U.S. soldiers and we dont know how many Iraqis dead in Iraq. we'll keep reminding the DC Dems what American voters' #1 issue was and is. I don't want Pelosi to fail, and I certainly do NOT believe that a failure by Pelosi (i.e., a failure by Congressional Democrats) will result in the election of "somebody with greater vision" next time.

      •  to clarify... (0+ / 0-)

        first, she certainly should be directing conyers; that is what leaders do. i read conyers, and i read his letter that he signed with 50 other representatives requesting the attorney general to investigate violations of the war crimes act of 1996.

        feingold is on the list because today he is submitting a resolution on the immediate withdrawal of the troops. yes, pelosi should simultaneously present what will become a joint resolution on the issue.

        rangel: if you read the words i wrote, i included the term 'cloture vote' meaning that the bill would not be actually voted on for passage, but, the debate of the issue before the state of the union address would remind americans of the sacrifices this animal in the white house suggests and their implications for all families in america.

        you are wrong about the need for republicans. this list contains only items that would require a majority vote.

        the leadership of house post-2008 remains to be seen; but, if she is seen as a failure and does not stop the bush administration and restore the Constitution to the best of her abilities, it will be 'bye bye nancy...NEXT'

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