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    Finally, this whole idea of "sending Republicans back to their caves" is simply ludicrous.  We have the majority, but there are plenty of moderate Republicans that will help us with issues that they actually care about.  But this diary seems content with lumping the entire GOP with the far-right fundamentalist Republicanism that has teken center stage over the past few years.

    I doubt you will find two dozen Republicans in Congress that are worth talking to. True, there used to be a Republican Party that stood for something other than outright greed and authoritarian government, but the members of THAT party have been almost uniformly purged or converted to sellouts (see: McCain). The Democrats should proceed as if there is nobody across the isle able to carry a bipartisan conversation. Those who are able and interested in participating in the government will eventually show up and start working constructively with the majority.

    (-3.50, -5.23) Spam is G-d's revenge for all our prayers

    by mgoltsman on Thu Jan 04, 2007 at 10:03:18 AM PST

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