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View Diary: Why "We're fighting them over there...." is the Biggest Lie of the Bush Administration (18 comments)

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  •  Fighting them over there drives me crazy (3+ / 0-)
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    How does invading Iraq, getting bogged down occupying a no threat, no consequence country 7000 miles away, putting our troops at risk, giving the terrorists in the region to come in and take some free pot shots at the hated Americans, giving even moderate muslims reason to doubt our word and our intentions when we tell the whole wide world we are invading Iraq for one reason- to eliminate tons of wmds, thousands of long range missiles, and to stop an active nuclear weapons program, and not a trace of any of that stuff is there?

    The damage of this invasion to our credibility, or prestige, our honor, and our moral standing among all nations of the world, those that we count as our friends, and those that wish us harm. it is the worst mistake any president has made, the most damaging mistake any president has made, since LBJ listened to the generals and escalated the Vietnam War.

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