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View Diary: Welcome New Users (Tags) 1/5/07 (112 comments)

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    should reflect the content of the Diary.

    Seriously, people Diary here about painting and gardening and home repair and food.

    What unites us?  We're all Democrats, a proud thing to be.

    If you are writing a Dairy it's about something, this Diary is about something, even if it's trivial.

    So your first instinct is probably a good one, you want people to be able to find your Diary and say "That eeff sure knew a thing or two about welding."

    If you are looking for something, nothing beats the raw 'Tag Cloud'.  Search or browse.  If you want to see what's popular to talk about then try the Popularity tag cloud (push the 'Sort by: Popularity' button for the top 150).

    If you are really paranoid about approval use the List of Approved Tags

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