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  •  OT, but... (4.00)

    A couple days ago, I argued with you re: Rumsfeld resigning/being impeached.  I've been reading up about Rummy, and I have to say I was wrong and you were dead on.  Most of what's going wrong in Iraq, torture or otherwise, can be traced back to Rumsfeld in one way or another, usually pretty directly.  If he doesn't resign, he should be impeached.  

    Admitting mistakes more readily than the Bush Administration since 2001,


    The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it. --George Bernard Shaw

    by Categorically Imperative on Thu May 13, 2004 at 01:18:49 AM PDT

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    •  He's got to go......;-) (none)
      ... and I am very happy to see Kerry calling even more forcefully than a few days ago.  His renewed statements coming out of Orlando yesterday, and more fully reported in the Wapo than by AP, are a relief.

      The whole world is watching.  Rumsfeld must go, for his crimes.  I am expecting he will, but I want it sooner, as soon as possible..., not in many, many weeks.

      Thanks for your post....;-)

      •  ..What's the hurry?... (none)
        ..Rummy is the anvil that has been thrown onto this administration.  I hope that he takes it right to the bottom along with his arrogant, disastrous policies.  By firing him, Bush cleans himself up and I don't want him to do that...just get out as soon as possible.
        •  Rummy has been around (none)
          for far, far, far too long (remember that picture of him shaking hands with Saddam as Reagan's envoy?). Bush is stupid and bad, but it's the Rime of the Ancient Neocons that is pushing all this, and if Rummy gets discredited in a big way (not just a wrist slap a la Ollie North) then he can't come back to haunt us.

          Bush I only lasted a single term, but all the bad elements floated back into power. If Bush II is the only fall guy here, they could conceivably turn up again. Apparently any sock puppet in the Oval Office will do.

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