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View Diary: CBS News poll: Bush's numbers collapsing (170 comments)

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  •  Jeems Buchanan (none)
    was a guileless patriot compared to GBII.

    James Polk, for his Mexico adventure and abuse of the military, may be close.

    Nixon's scandals - breaking into a campaign office - look like Monica compared to the damage this president has done to the country.

    Easily, hands down, there will be no doubt about it. Bush had precious few supporters among academics - the people who write history - a year ago. Bitching about "revisionist history" was not the smartest thing for starters.

    Now there's no way any honest pencil-pusher will have many kind words for this administration, not now, not ten years from now, not in a century.

    Worst. President. Ever. The outrage of this administration makes me want to puke.

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