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  •  Economic numbers belied by reality (none)
    Sure, they can point to new jobs, but they are at Wal-Mart or temp jobs.  They never compare the pay of jobs lost versus pay in the new jobs.  The "jobless rate" figures are skewed because they just drop people who give up looking for work.  Further, even if there are macroeconomic gains, they are still going to the wealthy.  Corporate profits are up, but they are going to manangement and shareholders, not workers.  The tax cut is now seen as a hoax.

    Bush blew the chance to create publicly funded jobs like cops, firefighters, health care workers, teachers, pollution control technology etc, that would have paid well and not gone offshore.  Plus, inflation is up in everyday things, like food and energy.  People aren't fooled by the numbers when they are contradicted by the reality of their own lives.  

    If you're going in the wrong direction and you stay the course, where, exactly, do you wind up?

    by Mimikatz on Thu May 13, 2004 at 08:23:35 AM PDT

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