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View Diary: CBS News poll: Bush's numbers collapsing (170 comments)

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  •  Rumsfield as "strong" (none)
    The comment from the president that most struck me was that Rumsfeld was a "strong" defense secretary. That seems so Bush-like in its self-deception or sheer fantasy. Results are of no consequence, only that Rumsfeld (or he himself) act strong by always speaking decisively, strongly, never acknowledging error or the need to change course (even when occasionally doing so because there is literally no other course).

    One can only hope that the poll trends show that this cognitive dissonance is becoming so great that even former supporters are peeling off. As others have noted, it is extremely difficult, psychologically, for someone who has made a horrible mistake in judgment - as in believing in the Bush fantasy of the last couple of years - to make an about face. But it may actually be happening.

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