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View Diary: 30 Year Oil Contracts in Iraq for BP, Exxon, Shell (178 comments)

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  •  oh no (14+ / 0-)

    Who cares?  Industrial farming is far from sustainable.  The soils that are being exploited are not capable of supporting food any longer, which is why we need so much damn fertilizer.  Mono-cropping leads to more pests, which is why we need more pesticides, and then to top it off we need to ship all that food around the continent, and import some (more fucking oil).

    Dissappeared are the local farms that connect you to you food source.  Local food sources make so much more sense it is not funny, except now we have a bunch of suburban developments (not sustainable) on our prime growing lands.  We are disconnected from the earth and the cycles, aka we eat strawberries in the winter.  Don't get me wrong, i like strawberries, but i'd like them even more if i knew where they came from, knew when they were being harvested so i could get first pick.  I could buy excess, preserve the rest and guess what?  Not waste a bunch of fucking oil on unsustainable farming practices.

    It is much much cheaper to ship seed than to ship produce.  Think of the waste that goes into the cooling process alone!

    I wish this planet would run out of oil tomorrow.  I don't care that our "way of life" wouldn't be sustained, it can't anyway.  The sooner we recognize this, the sooner we can get back into balance and harmony with the earth.

    Example:  I live in NY and i see Washington apples at the supermarket.  WTF?  I am SURROUNED by apple orchards!  NY apples are delicious, this makes no sense!

    •  funny you mention... (2+ / 0-)
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      trifecta, gabie

      I saw some strawberries in my market here in Sweden and thought hmmm... The label says they were 'Palestinian,' the address Tel Aviv... I think I bought something else.

    •  I'm with you, as a country we need to change (2+ / 0-)
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      trifecta, ChaosMouse

      our lifestyles. starting with big oil, healthcare, social security, the list goes on and on. I think because of the current food supply system we have killed the cheasapeake bay. the bluecrabs you can buy in baltimore are imported from the gulfcoast states. Fertilizers, runoff, etc..., from the poultry 'camps', and farms have deoxygenated the water, and polluted it. the fish in it are toxic and new diseases have spawned on them. Elsewhere, I hear horror stories of the hog 'farms' from the people who live downstream of them, and can imagine the big meatpacking 'plants' in the midwest. we have a lot of work to do as a country and I hope the 110th congress starts us down that path.

    •  In a logical world (2+ / 0-)
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      trifecta, ChaosMouse

      There would be laws about what could be shipped where.     If we tried that it would be decried as government intervention (totally unlike the Presnit reading your mail).

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