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View Diary: 30 Year Oil Contracts in Iraq for BP, Exxon, Shell (178 comments)

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  •  Read Exxon's former CHM Lee Raymond's speeches (1+ / 0-)
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    which telescoped the reasons that Bush invaded Iraq. Thanks for this diary which proves it.
    The Iraq War was always all about protecting Exxon et al and their the oil contracts: between the lines of former Exxon Chairman Lee Raymond's speeches. He repeatedly called for predictable taxes, guaranteed contracts, stable laws and regulations in countries with exploitable energy. And he has said that if Exxon can't be assured of these things it's just not worth the "risk" for them to go where there's oil but no American style legal/economic framework.

    In 2003, Lee Raymond said

    Where governments do not adopt or enforce a stable framework of laws and regulations, investments become difficult to justify.

    Is that code for -"if you expect me to drill in country XYZ you better "civilize" it?

    and more of the same here:

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