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  •  Sportscasting is reality-based (10+ / 0-)

    Sportscasting and reporting is largely about numbers, stats, and predictions.

    Sportscasting is reality-based (unlike the rest of present MSM journalism).   That's what makes it such a good background.

    •  TV made sportscasting a reality-based job. (3+ / 0-)
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      quake, Lashe, Timothy J

      In the days of radio, sportcasters who called it straight, like Red Barber, were the exception. The sportswriter/humorist Ring Lardner once quipped, "I don't know which game to write about; the one I saw or the one I heard Graham McNamee announce."

      Television stripped the embellishers of their cover; fans could see for themselves what was happening on the field. It was like the switch from silent pictures to talkies; some sportscasters, like Barber, made the switch easily.

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