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View Diary: Idaho to allow killing of endangered wolves (32 comments)

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  •  Help - Call the people in Boise to protest (0+ / 0-)

    And also, Call Wolf Haven in Tenino WA to see if they can help out with this, they do regular wolf rescues and all kinds of lobbying efforts to protect wolves around the USA. God this makes me mad. I will call the governor tomorrow. I worked on he ESA stuff for the salmon in Idaho when this was starting, in 94-95 and boy it was a mess then, now to be made a mess again by some other fucking idiot Republican.

    Wolf Haven International
    3111 Offut Lake Road
    Tenino, WA 98589
    800-448-9653 (U.S. only)
    fax: 360-264-4639

    John Blankenship
    Executive Director

    Tami Williams
    Director of Conservation

    Megan Moskwa
    Director of Education

    Please call and email. We need to stop this. The large rpedators being backed has helped everything from maintenance of herds of elk to the riparian areas coming back to full stream cover since the ungulates can't mow it all down with no fear. It is part of the balance and well that dumbass Otter needs to hear about it. In fact I am going to call him now and leave a message and call tomorrow too.

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