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  •  Sorry, but even tis Republican can't swallow (0+ / 0-)

    direct democracy. I'll do a diary on Doug Bruce - the leader of "direct democracy" in Colorado Springs - someday. I ask you, would civil rights legislation ever have passed in a direct democracy system in the mid-1960's? Hell no.

    The problem with the last six years is that the neo-cons adopted, in effect, a direct democracy model. "We get 51% of the votes and you guys have to shut up and live with it."

    Why do people assume that direct democracy is a progressive model? I would argue it is likely to be conservative at best, reactionary at worst. Give me a break.

    Plus, elections are expensive. Colorado proposed Amendment 38 - a "Defense of the Petition process". Crap. It would have allowed, potentially, a group to request the firing of a teacher by a school board on the ballot. Imagine if every crank - right or left - got to protest every decision that every governmental organization in state (how about zoning laws?) by asking for a vote? Death by organizational arterioschlerosis. No thanks

    The truth is precious - use it sparingly

    by tjlord on Fri Jan 12, 2007 at 02:41:41 PM PST

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