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    Oh, Where to Begin

    and our government will continue pouring half of our tax dollars into the murder machine they euphemistically refer to as the Department of "Defense".

    Total Defense Budget is about $500B.  Total Fed Budget is about $2.5T  That is about 20%

    And remember those exorbitant skybox seats that average Joes can only afford in their dreams? Since 50% of the money businesses spend on NFL outings is tax deductible, corporate elites luxuriate from "on high" for half price(3).

    Maybe this guy should actually try to understand how the business workld and tax code works.  The ability to deduct 50% doesn't mean that the cost of the event is only $.50 on the dollar.  You get a % savings based on what the tax rate is.  Here is an example.  If the box cost $100K, and the corporate tax rate is 20%, then the business would still spend 90k on the box.

    Arising from the same fetid bogs of spiritual decay that spawned the American Way, the NFL reeks with the stench of corporate tyranny, patriarchy, racism, superficiality, greed, competitiveness, and materialism.

    yeah...all the things that give us the one of the highest standards of living and the largest economy in the world.

    When an owner sells their team, their profits are taxed as capital gains. Hence these bloated plutocrats pay a lesser tax rate than we do on our wages or salaries.

    And this is different than when anyone else sells a business, or you sell your house or a share of stock how?

    And if enough of us amongst the poor and working class united, it would be within our collective power to alleviate the suffering of those in need.

    Or, maybe if you got off your but, went to work, risked something and built a business, you could be like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Andrew Carnegie, Rockefeller, and many other rich philathopists who will do far more good than you ever will dishing out soup.

    Pity we’re too busy "living NFL and drinking Diet Pepsi" to notice the staggering numbers of emaciated, mutilated, and obliterated human beings we are leaving in our wake as we "protect our way of life"....

    And, not watching football will help how?  Will we suddenly all start traveling to Sudan to do, well, God Knows what exactly?

    Anyway, why write this screed about the NFL?  Why not the film/TV industry - and industry that also receives tax breaks and frequently off shores a lot of its work?  An industry that has an even smaller chance for success?  An industry that more people spend more time consuming its prodcuts than professional sports?

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