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View Diary: Rip Up Their F@#king Cartoon Reality One KSFO at a Time (232 comments)

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  •  KPFK Los Angeles (29+ / 0-)

    There is an alternative, Pacifica, which, if you live in LA you should really tune into at 90.7 fm.  Check their website

    Your analysis about the strategic centrality of the media, how it controls and isolates people is spot on.  I have no idea about their ratings share, but I have met wingnuts who listen to this garbage.  It's actually kind of funny:  many of these stations have weak signals, or at least I've heard lots of noise in their signal when riding around in a wingnut's car;  KPFK actually has one of the strongest signals in the region.

    I would add: the way the right inverts the meaning of words, for example "class warfare", and the way they denigrate words like "liberal" is also a way to isolate people.  If you rob people of their language they cannot communicate with one another.  The right has been systematically doing this since the 80s.  This is well described in David Niewert's classic, Rush, Newspeak, and Fascism.

    •  Excellent, alyosha....... (15+ / 0-)

      If you rob people of their language they cannot communicate with one another.

      What happens when younger generations don't even know that 'liberal' was not always a dirty word they have turned it into?  

      You make a living by what you get and a life by what you give. W. Churchill

      by Cronesense on Sat Jan 13, 2007 at 09:07:44 PM PST

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    •  Yes (19+ / 0-)

      As a consequence of the denigration of one of my favorite words, liberal, I get very cranky when it comes to seeing people describe themselves as "progressives."
      I am not a progressive. I done progressed and am a liberal, already.

      War is not an adventure. It is a disease. It is like typhus. - Antoine De Saint-Exupery

      by Margot on Sat Jan 13, 2007 at 10:14:33 PM PST

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      •  Progressive seems more specific than liberal (7+ / 0-)

        I can explain to someone who asks what a progressive is -- there was an incredible Progressive movement in Wisconsin, where I live, in the early 20th century, and many of the enlightened aspects of our society that we take for granted -- which improve the lives of ordinary people -- grew out of that movement.  Guess you could say it culminated in the New Deal, although many Wisconsin politicians still today -- including Russ Feingold -- are true-blue progressives.  
        I'm a liberal as well, but if someone were to ask me what a liberal is, I don't think I could be very specific.  "Liberal" seems to me a broader, more general and vague word.  There are "liberal" political parties all over the world, but I'm sure there are wide variations.  To me at least, the word "progressive" seems more concrete and historical.

        •  What "Liberal" means (4+ / 0-)

          America is a liberal nation, because it stands for liberty and individual rights.

          Conservatism believes some people are better than others. Conservatives believe in authority, and hierarchy.

          Liberals believe in equality and human rights. All the rest of the 'baggage' associated with the term liberal is simple right-wing propaganda.

          "The truth is incontrovertible; malice may attack it, ignorance my deride it, but in the end, there it is." Winston Churchill

          by J Royce on Sun Jan 14, 2007 at 05:48:56 AM PST

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          •  "Liberal" compared with "progressive" (5+ / 0-)

            Traditional American conservatives believe in liberty and individual rights.  There's a libertarian influence there -- they don't want the government putting restrictions on the individual. (A couple of current manifestations -- opposing limits on people's right to smoke anywhere they want, opposing any limit on people's right to own guns....)
            The conservatives you speak of (authority and hierarchy) are the new neocon types that John Dean rips in "Conservatives Without Conscience."  He contrasts them with traditional conservatives -- many of whom are the ones most horrified by Bush and his ilk.
            Liberty, equality, human rights... These are very general ideals.  
            Among progressive principles:
            Support for active government as a force for good -- providing services and using science and other reality-based knowledge to solve problems.
            The public interest -- the common good -- should vigorously be promoted (e.g. minimum wage laws, consumer protection, guaranteed health care, smoking bans, doing something about global warming), even if some measures infringe on individual rights.    
            All citizens should have full and fair access to their government.  Government's activities should be completely open, and stringent reforms should attack corruption.

            •  Liberty, equality, human rights ...not 4 everyone (2+ / 0-)
              Recommended by:
              Margot, pHunbalanced

              Pause before you dismiss these concepts too quickly, saying: "Liberty, equality, human rights... These are very general ideals."

              These ideas, which may be general and understood as done-deals for you (and me), are exactly what the "conservative movement" is really against.

              Both the religious nuts and the greedy merchants had their own plans of domination, and they banded together to create Bushco. For these people, having wealth means you are MORE special than other people. Similarly, being a certain kind of Christian makes you MORE special because you are God's "chosen." Not equal, no, no, no--to them that is "liberal claptrap."

              I would not dismiss the ideas of liberty, equality and human rights as too general, because these are EXACTLY the ideas that made America great once. And they haven't become universal by any stretch. The old regime (ie, new corporate aristocracy) tells us what it thinks of these ideas whenever they bash liberals.

              "The truth is incontrovertible; malice may attack it, ignorance my deride it, but in the end, there it is." Winston Churchill

              by J Royce on Sun Jan 14, 2007 at 11:38:56 AM PST

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              •  I'm not dismissing them (2+ / 0-)
                Recommended by:
                Margot, J Royce

                My point is simply that I find it easier to tell people I'm a progressive -- and then explain what that means -- than to say I'm a liberal, because "progressive" to me is more specific.
                It's not a matter of which is better, but which is a more specific word for the purposes of debating with someone who asks about my political views.

                •  "Progressive" gets conservatives to listen more (2+ / 0-)
                  Recommended by:
                  Margot, J Royce

                  If a conservative friend inquires where you stand, and you say "I'm a liberal," they'll probably close their mind right then because of the brainwashing they've had.
                  But when I say "I'm a progressive," they're curious, and they give me a chance to explain what that means, and my answers sound pretty good to them.  I've seen this work.  They're more open-minded.

          •  "conservative" is a joke (5+ / 0-)

            I like the word "liberal," but "progressive" allows us to cast our opponents as what they really are:  regressives.  

            Instead of building a high-tech renewable energy economy, they want to take us back to dumb, dirty technologies like coal and nuclear.  Instead of moving forward to a day when all the Tiny Tims can get the care they need, they want to take us back to Dickensian social Darwinism.  I could go on and on with examples, but they are no conservatives.  They are regressives.

            We stand for progress.  They stand for regress.  The craziest among them want to regress all the way back to the Spanish Inquisition.  

            These people don't want to conserve anything -- not the Constitution, not America's standing as a respected global leader, not America's glorious open spaces, not energy -- nothin'.  They don't deserve to be called conservative.

        •  I didn't know the history behind it, thnks n/t (0+ / 0-)

          War is not an adventure. It is a disease. It is like typhus. - Antoine De Saint-Exupery

          by Margot on Sun Jan 14, 2007 at 11:52:49 AM PST

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      •  Progressive vs liberal (3+ / 0-)

        I just selected "Progressive Chick" because I thought it sounded cool.

        "Whatever you say today in the comments...I shall take umbrage!" -- BiPM

        by Progressive Chick on Sun Jan 14, 2007 at 12:02:37 AM PST

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      •  Amen! (6+ / 0-)

        Seriously.  I fucking hate the progression of liberal to progressive in the current political vernacular.  

        I had the word "Liberal" inked below my state of Texas tattoo a few years ago.  


        Decontextualization is key.---Inga Muscio

        by fivexfast on Sun Jan 14, 2007 at 12:21:26 AM PST

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      •  I personally prefer "leftist" (7+ / 0-)

        especially now that "right-wing" and "Republican" are basically synonymous with "psychopath," "pedophile" and "sadist."

    •  As Smokey Robinson said (9+ / 0-)

      "I second that emotion."  I have listened to KPFK since 1987.  Started when I found the old Grateful Dead concert show "Thursday Lunch" which broadcast on Friday nights.  Then I started listening to the station all the time.  It has done a lot to shape my life, thoughts and philosophy since then.  They were all over the falsehoods of the buildup to the Iraq war back in the latter parts of 2002, when George was beating the drums hard.  And they have not let up yet.

      I recommend this station with the highest ratings possible.

    •  Around here the hate is on a strong station (4+ / 0-)

      FM, No static at all :D
      wxlm.  Here is a coverage map

      When I do listen to the radio it is Uconn's radio station (WHUS), mostly for Democracy Now or I stream KEXP. Lies become truth if repeated often enough and that is the point of these stations.  They reinforce the hatred and keep America divided because If poor Whites hate poor Blacks and poor Hispanics, they can't band together to fight against the corporations who really are running things.  The divisiveness of the content aids in passing the outrageous agenda.

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