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View Diary: Rip Up Their F@#king Cartoon Reality One KSFO at a Time (232 comments)

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  •  Not "by any means necessary" (20+ / 0-)

    "Any means necessary" includes a bunch of stuff that is covered in the criminal codes, and which would be both Wrong and Unproductive.

    Disney flogs its brand to advertisers as an uncontroversial, family-friendly place to hawk their stuff, while part of their network promotes the murder of public figures on the airwaves.  TAdvertisers who thought they were getting boy bands and The Little Mermaid instead got gleeful descriptions of black men having 50,000 volts applied to their testicles associated with their names.  Advertisers don't like that;  some for reasons of conscience and some for fear of boycott.  

    As for freedom of speech, it was Disney that demanded Spocko remove clips from their show posted in accordance with the Fair Use Doctrine, plus reproductions of the letters that he wrote to advertisers.  It's Disney censoring and Disney threatening.

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