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  •  I worry, though, . . . (3+ / 0-)

    . . . that the word has perhaps been used incorrectly too much. At what point do you cut your losses, and use a new term, that perhaps better describes your position?

    I'm not in favor of women running everything, or being given preferential treatment, and feminist, though (ideally) just meaning pro-women, carries an implication of not being pro-men.

    Language is fluid, and when a part of it gets into a confused eddy, it may be easier to head downstream looking for a new current.

    •  Would you vote to abandon "liberal" too? (8+ / 0-)

      The idea that being a femist means being "in favor of women running everything" is shockingly misinformed. I proudly call myself a liberal and a feminist because in the real sense of the words, I am. Allowing domestic extremists the right to define the words I use to describe myself is not an option.

      •  New words (8+ / 0-)

        There was a lot of talk about that in the 70s.  That was one of the roll my eyes up in the back of my head and sigh moments that made me not trust the term feminist when I was a teenager.  I certainly understand the idea of wanting to call oneself a "humanist" or something like that rather than having to re-image the word (I understand it, I'm not for it).

        Going back to feminists and vocabulary changes, to this day I hate that the word "they" can now be used as a a singular pronoun if one doesn't know the sex of the person one is writing about.  I didn't mind s/he as a shortcut for he or she and alternating between he and she was find as well, but some books had totally new words.  Hesh for he or she and thankfully don't remember what they did with him or her, but it was pretty bad.

        I think what Robespierrette and I were saying (though I can't speak for her) is that as women in our 40s, we both grew up with some very mixed messages about the the feminist movement and I'd be willing to bet that as young teenagers we both saw people on television claiming to be feminists that you wouldn't agree with (I know I sure did).  Then we both made the mistake of letting the MSM and the far right define the word for us.  I highly doubt that she really feels that being a feminist means that you have to go bash men.  We were just having a nice conversation about being able to embrace some things that had always seemed taboo.

        "Whatever you say today in the comments...I shall take umbrage!" -- BiPM

        by Progressive Chick on Sun Jan 14, 2007 at 12:00:25 AM PST

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    •  The "queer" lesson (16+ / 0-)

      Embrace the word and make it stand for what you know deep in your heart it means. And f*ck them if they can't take the truth.

      If my obituary is headlined "Queer feminist liberal drops dead on Upper West Side," I'll be a very happy corpse!

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