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View Diary: Rip Up Their F@#king Cartoon Reality One KSFO at a Time (232 comments)

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  •  Doesn't Work That Way (1+ / 0-)
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    Public pressure to get people "not" to listen to Rush will only make more of them tune in out of curiosity.

    And even if his ratings drop, as long as he still makes money, they'll keep him. Limbaugh's numbers in LA are awful, yet he remains because his core listeners are loyal and his employers will give him time to recover.

    I've never seen such hypocritical, contempt-laden bullshit on this site before. The entire argument for driving talk hosts off the air is predicated on the idea that the audience is sheep-like and can't think enough for themselves and must be led. What happened to "people-powered politics"? Do you really believe that you are a greater arbiter of content than the people themselves?

    Melanie Morgan calls for boycotts of films and events, have any of them actually worked?

    When Dr. Laura's TV show was driven off the air by pressure groups, no one here moaned about how the show should have been allowed to live or die on its own (assuming this blog existed then). I bet you were thrilled--yet, when Morgan pulls the same disgusting shit, you're appalled.

    Has it ever occured to anyone that maybe "Spocko" was using content for free, that others pay for and that may have been why he was shut down?

    Talk radio's timbre and audience in 1980 was considerably different and much smaller and look who got elected. Same with 1984. There was no "Right Wing Wurlitzer" then. There is one now and who got demolished in November?

    Finally, the "Fairness Doctrine" is a joke. So what if you mandate that KSFO broadcast the same number of hours left v right, all they'll do is deem political talk programming too costly and drop the format entirely. Or program righties on KGO opposite the lefties on KSFO.

    Melanie Morgan isn't a hypnotising propagandist, she's an idiot jingoist and her audience likes her that way, otherwise, she'd be off the air. Same with Savage and Limbaugh and the rest, you over-estimate this medium and by trying to shut down people you disagree with, you become exactly like them.

    •  What I meant was... (2+ / 0-)
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      DaleA, Superpole

      When more voices like yours (you are the Johnny Wendell I hear on KTLK?) are able to penetrate the corporate noise machine, the listeners will move on.  Sort of like the old days when there was only three channels on TV.  We thought we liked it because there were no other choices.  The Limbaugh kool aid drinkers need a daily affirmation of their dogma.  Without it, their faith slips.  If there are a broader spectrum of voices available, the audience will splinter as we see today with television.  Look at the demographic for O'Reilly's Fox show, for example.  In a few more years, they'll all be dead as will his career.  I truly believe that as the country becomes more moderate, Limbaugh's listeners will dwindle.  I have no interest in shutting down anyone.

      Thanks Johnny.  We can always count on you for that much-needed smack upside the head...

      •  More To The Point.... (1+ / 0-)
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        Gloom, say the same thing over and over and it doesn't jibe with reality and your audience deserts you, period. (yes, I'm the KTLK guy).

        According to Bill Handel, Limbaugh has lost almost 2/3's of his audience here and elsewhere (Rush's)in the last ten years. His act is stale and pointless--who in Los Angeles cares about Barney Frank or Claire McCaskill?

        O'Reilly has lost 30% of his audience in the last two years. He's done.

        It's over for them, the far right in America. They were actually finished in 2000, when the D's took those six Senate seats and Gore out-polled Bush, but we all know what transpired and after 9/11, they got a second wind, much like the Democrats did in 1974 and 1976. But they are done--look at how easy it is for the Democrats to get the R congresspeople to vote for minimum wage increases, stem cell and bulk drug purchases now. Once their momentum was blown out from 9/11, it was only a matter of time before they were blown out, too.

        And if you think 2006 was a watershed, look out. Unless the R's come to their senses, they lose another 8-10 seats in the Senate, 35-60 more in the House and surely the White House. At which point they can raise no more money from their backers and become nothing more than Dixie plus Prairie noisemakers.

        Their movement is spent. And the nitwits on the right in talk radio will fall the same way Limbaugh has (after all, they are all his imitators)unless they adapt and chances are, they can't, because they fear that their 20% hardcore ditto-head primary listeners will tune them out.

        Why anyone would obsess on Melanie Morgan or driving KSFO off the air with boycotts is beyond me. At any given time, 97% of the Bay Area is listening to someone else or not at all--she's nothing.

        •  Yes, But (0+ / 0-)

          who ever said the repuglicans had a long term "strategery"? and who says they won't come back from the dead, 8-10 years from now, just like the democrats have after several rather embarassing political defeats to the worst crop of repuglican politicians to ever rise to the top of the dung heap?

          let's face it, while the repugs may for the moment be down and out, the credibiltiy of the democrats is not all that high, either-- due to the fact the major damage has already been done in the middle east (with more likely on the way when bu$hco/Israel attacks Iran) with the direct complicity of spineless democrats in congress who jumped on the bu$hco warmongering bandwagon-- throwing the UNSC and our Constitution in the dustbin in the process.

          it's time for the democratic party to put up or shut up. first on the list to to reassert their exclusive, Constitutionally mandated war making and war funding powers-- taking them back from the executive-- which they stupidly and dangerously agreed to do.

          NO MORE WAR unless declared by congress and voted upon as per the Constitution.

          "The SubInfo computers owned by Lies Incorporated had been caught in an unnatural act by a service mechanic." PKD

          by Superpole on Sun Jan 14, 2007 at 09:26:57 AM PST

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        •  Underestimating the pull (0+ / 0-)

          The right wing take over of all are media, has marginalized liberals, turn them into extremists, made people afraid to identify, or listen to the left. It's    propaganda pure and simple. It does not just come in the hatefilled ditto head form, but in all markets, from, screw you I've got mine, NPR to the dunderhead pundits yammering away on TV.

          As you seem to work on radio maybe your veiw is tainted because your part of the scewed dialog. It has had the overall affect of drowning out the truth and fanning hate, ignorance and fear. The 'free market' is not free and privatizing and deregulating allows the corporations and politicans to control the publics perception of what's normal and acceptable. All of us are affected by the ditto heads because the extreme has moved the debate to an dark and dangerous area, that in other times would be abhorant and considered indecent.

        •  Hubris, arrogance, and indifference (0+ / 0-)

          Of COURSE it's worth the effort to challenge radio stations and their advertisers over hate speech and slanted viewpoints. A very politically significant percentage of voters still listen to wingnut hate radio. Never underestimate the power of 15-30% of a population to get its bidding done by pressing the correct levers and buttons. Look how few rabblerousers began and sustained the Revolution. And keep in mind that white males comprise only ~30% of the U.S. population but had enough political power to unilaterally say, "OK, even though we're the minority, we say the nation doesn't need affirmative action anymore" -- and affirmative action all but disappeared, poof.

          To the extent that we look the other way as wingnut sociopaths continue broadcasting their spew, to the extent that we keep silent, we make it too bloody easy for them to keep their foothold in mainstream political dialog. You might be willing to tolerate that, but I'm not. And you might be willing to write off parts of the nation that bore you, but I'm not. You live on the Left Coast, where left-leaning policies and mindsets are far more abundant than here in Southern Appalacia. Let me assure you that ignoring the right's unchecked hate speech and misinformation, smugly assured that our opponents are "in their final throes," does nothing to advance a leftist/progressive agenda in the nation's redlands, and thus leaves us vulnerable in the future to another rightist takeover.

    •  There may have been no (1+ / 0-)
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      "Right Wing Wurlitzer" in 1980, but there was certainly a highly effective right-wing communications network that was operating outside the ground rules of the Fairness Doctrine and media ownership regulation. It was direct mail. And it worked very well, while most of the middle and left of the country (and the government) were looking the other way.

      The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

      by sidnora on Sun Jan 14, 2007 at 10:27:06 AM PST

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