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  •  I'm not dismissing them (2+ / 0-)
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    Margot, J Royce

    My point is simply that I find it easier to tell people I'm a progressive -- and then explain what that means -- than to say I'm a liberal, because "progressive" to me is more specific.
    It's not a matter of which is better, but which is a more specific word for the purposes of debating with someone who asks about my political views.

    •  "Progressive" gets conservatives to listen more (2+ / 0-)
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      Margot, J Royce

      If a conservative friend inquires where you stand, and you say "I'm a liberal," they'll probably close their mind right then because of the brainwashing they've had.
      But when I say "I'm a progressive," they're curious, and they give me a chance to explain what that means, and my answers sound pretty good to them.  I've seen this work.  They're more open-minded.

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