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    Of COURSE it's worth the effort to challenge radio stations and their advertisers over hate speech and slanted viewpoints. A very politically significant percentage of voters still listen to wingnut hate radio. Never underestimate the power of 15-30% of a population to get its bidding done by pressing the correct levers and buttons. Look how few rabblerousers began and sustained the Revolution. And keep in mind that white males comprise only ~30% of the U.S. population but had enough political power to unilaterally say, "OK, even though we're the minority, we say the nation doesn't need affirmative action anymore" -- and affirmative action all but disappeared, poof.

    To the extent that we look the other way as wingnut sociopaths continue broadcasting their spew, to the extent that we keep silent, we make it too bloody easy for them to keep their foothold in mainstream political dialog. You might be willing to tolerate that, but I'm not. And you might be willing to write off parts of the nation that bore you, but I'm not. You live on the Left Coast, where left-leaning policies and mindsets are far more abundant than here in Southern Appalacia. Let me assure you that ignoring the right's unchecked hate speech and misinformation, smugly assured that our opponents are "in their final throes," does nothing to advance a leftist/progressive agenda in the nation's redlands, and thus leaves us vulnerable in the future to another rightist takeover.

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