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View Diary: Today's NYT: Downplaying A Rape At Harvard (342 comments)

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  •  You do NOT know that no evidence (0+ / 0-)

    supports one side and all evidence supports the other.  All you know is that the defense attorneys and the media pundits are saying there is no evidence to support the other side.  How about letting a judge or jury, who will indeed get to see all the evidence and not only that presented by one side, draw a conclusion?

    •  Ummm, incorrect (3+ / 0-)

      the DA (and his own witness) admitted the following:

      1.  No DNA of ANY lacrosse player has been found on or in the accuser.
      1.  No evidence of any kind that penile penetration happened.  (Hence the dropping of the rape charge).
      1.  Reade Seligmann did not participate in the rape (yet he remains charged).

      Those are admissions BY THE DA and THE ACCUSED.  Not defense attorneys.

      •  That's still only some of the facts. Why is (0+ / 0-)

        it so difficult to accept that you simply are not qualified to make a determination in this or any other case in which you receive your information - not second hand; not third hand; not fourth hand; but about fifth or sixth or seventh?  But I would say you want to believe you're able to know so badly that you simply are not willing to let it go.  Nothing I or anyone else can do about that, obviously.  So you and Tucker can both be convinced that you are able to accomplish ths deed.  And you might be even right in your assessment even if you're not right about how to reach it.

        •  Is there ANY evidence WHATSOEVER (1+ / 0-)
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          that backs up the accuser's story.

          Sure, you can keep saying forever "we don't know everything."  But there is just nothing, NOTHING there that would support the accuser.  Not the science, not the testimony of her partner, not her own story.  Nothing.  Given the fact that Nifong has been yapping almost nonstop and given the fact that Nifong has "open-files" policy where files are available fo inspection, it is highly unlikely that if there was anything out there that supported the accuser, it would not hav made it out there.

          •  Sorry. I still believe in letting those that (0+ / 0-)

            have actual actual to the facts make the decision.  If there were no facts to support the allegations, the defense attorneys would file a motion to dismiss and the judge would dismiss them.  Period.  Until that happens, I will continue to believe there is at least a possibility there is in fact some evidence to support the charges and there is a reason the judge has not yet dismissed the charges against any of the defendants.  Regardless of what the pundits tell us.

            •  Well given thw fact that the prosecutor (2+ / 0-)
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              Mia Dolan, john07801

              was caught concealing evidence, it would have been hard to file a motion to dismiss.

              And now that the case has been transferred, I would bet dollars to donuts, that it will be dismissed in a matter of weeks.

              (Not to mention that rape charges HAVE been dismissed).

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