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View Diary: Today's NYT: Downplaying A Rape At Harvard (342 comments)

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    i don't understand what her "own facts" are supposed to be.  as i read it, she seems to be saying, "this is what he told me and it made me feel sorry for him."  correct me if i've missed something (seriously, i'm not being a smart ass.)

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      As I peppered him with questions, he talked me through the fateful night of only a few months before, when he and the girl, who’d been a friend, had mingled at a party and drifted off drunk together before winding up back in her room, where, several hours later, they had sex. She became hysterical, claiming he forced himself on her. He left, bewildered and distraught. That night he wrote her a letter apologizing for upsetting her and left it at her door. He told me the letter was an attempt to salvage the friendship.

      In my mind, he was not seeking to humiliate and subjugate a woman on that night many years ago. I believe he was a boy who endeavored for hours in the dark to express his drunken, fumbling desire in a way that, fair or not, ended up unraveling his life.

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        i read the same bits, but what i noted (because i try to be very careful to use the same/similar words when appropriate) was "he talked me through..." which preceeds his version of events.  then she says, "In my mind....  I believe...." which preceeds her analysis of the situation.  neither are assertions of fact.

        maybe her judgement is questionable and maybe you're right in asserting that it was wrong to print the piece, but if so, it wasn't wrong for making up facts.

        at times she does assert facts, but they do sound like real facts. ("He had left school immediately after the incident.")

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