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    rserven, 4Freedom

    First of all, here in Hawaii, there are as many ethnic jokes, and "mahu" (LBGT) jokes, as there are ethnicities and LBGTS ... plenty.  They are given, and taken, in the spirit of gentle humor that is one of the reasons I moved here, and have lived here, for 27 years.  People accept that there are  differences between people, and most of us here celebrate those differences as well as poke fun at them.  

    Bigotry is not unknown here, but tolerance of different ethnicities, as well as of LBGTs, is much more pronounced here than on the mainland ... probably because in one neighborhood, we have all kinds of ethnicities and mixes living next door to each other.  We know our neighbors, and help each other.  Living close together, and realizing that we are all on a small island, practically forces that realization.  When we all come to realize what a small, fragile planet we live on, perhaps that attitude will change in America at large.

    My second point is that I see the same sort of attacks from some of the people protesting the KSFO hate-mongers in the "Spocko" comments in Mike Stark's diary (the "give them a taste of their own medicine" crowd).  It just floors me that people objecting to right-wingers' hate speech can advocate doing pretty much the same things to the radio announcers that the commenters are protesting against!  We all need to be more careful in choosing our words when trying to make a point.  As some previous commenters have stated, it's fine to poke gentle fun when you know the people and know that no offense will be taken, but remember that we are trying to achieve a more just society, so try to practice what you preach.  

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