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  •  The threat that KSFO hate speech poses (2+ / 0-)
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    In Sacramento, an organization of Asian-American groups organized a protest against hate speech on the public airwaves including KSFO-AM's nationally syndicated Michael Savage.

    • Calling the Chinese "little devils," Savage called for dropping nuclear weapons on the country and said that Chinese-Americans should be put in internment camps if they wouldn't sign loyalty oaths.

    "It goes far beyond ridiculing a certain ethnic group or calling names or making a certain group the brunt of jokes," says Georgette Imura, part of a Sacramento group called CAPITAL (the Council of Asian Pacific Islanders Together for Advocacy and Leadership). Rather than asking help from the FCC, they sent letters to KSFO advertisers and picketed the Sacramento station, KSTE, which airs the show. "We don't want to get into free-speech issues. Instead, we are going to hit them in the pocketbook."
    "What it (hate speech) does is send a message to misguided folks that it's OK to act and talk that way. Our fear is that this will lead to acts of violence or discrimination."

    "It's entertainment until somebody is attacked," Spocko said.

    by suskind on Tue Jan 16, 2007 at 04:46:48 PM PST

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