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  •  C'mon philimus... (1+ / 0-)
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    ... you know the nightly news braodcasts are little more than a rehashing of reporting done by newspapers with neat-o graphics and good looking talking heads dumbing down the newspaper reporting. They do very little hard news reporting either, for crying out loud. What they DO have is a budget to send reporters to war zones and on presidential trips. That would be way cool, to have dkos bloggers on that kind of reporting.

    But in terms of MSM investigative reporting? There is none.


    For business reasons, I must preserve the outward sign of sanity.

    --Mark Twain

    by redglare on Thu Jan 18, 2007 at 11:37:33 AM PST

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    •  Well, dotcommodity and redglare ... (1+ / 0-)
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      ... I agree that most Kossacks do a great job of connecting the dots and looking at issues in a more comprehensive way than you ever see in the op-ed pages. I also think you're right that it would be extremely beneficial to have alternative media not be dependent on advertising. But that is easier said than done. After all, even the mighty Kos needs to post ads here to generate revenue. It just doesn't affect the editorial content of the website, so that does show what a positive model blogs can provide as a platform for citizen journalists.

      As for the TV news, yes, it is true that they are little more than headline services now, partly because their corporate sponsors do not support in-depth reporting, and partly because the networks (even cable) can get better ratings (and more ad money) from dumbed-down programming for the masses. Even so, I just want to make two quick points before I have to get back to work:

      1. It isn't entirely fair to say MSM never do investigative stories. If that were true, why did NBC's Lisa Myers recently dig deep into the Pentagon procurement process to find out that the Army is refusing to field the Israeli-designed TROPHY defense system that could protect our soldiers for rocket-propelled grenades? That was a short but effective piece on "Countdown," but it still came from NBC, and Myers thoroughly dismantled every argument the Army brass gave to Congress for why they would not at least field test the system. (Personally, my cynical side suspects the story was done because Raytheon has a contract to develop a similar system by 2011 and General Electric is competing for the job.) Also, I believe Seymour Hersh regularly contributes to The New Yorker, and if that is not MSM, I don't know what is.
      1. As good as the diarists and commenters are here, I do not see many of them filing Freedom of Information Act requests, combing through boring bureaucratic documents to uncover how public funds are being mis-spent, or otherwise doing independent, original research to counter the propaganda of the MSM.

      Believe me, I am on your side, and I am not trying to belittle the valuable service that I think Daily Kos provides to the public. I know firsthand how expensive and time-consuming it is to do such investigative reporting. For eight years, I tried my best to give the readers of the newspapers I worked for the facts beyond the official sources of local government public relations spin ... until finally I realized I could not accumulate any more debt and had to earn a living wage for a change.

      FWIW, I totally support the idea of citizen journalists using blogs to change the system. I feel the potential is here to revolutionize the way information is gathered and disseminated today, and I would love to see Kossacks contribute financially to their own news network that could set standards for making such change a reality. The truth is that I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on how that could be done.

      Thanks for listening, and now I must return to my office labors.

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