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  •  I still am missing something (0+ / 0-)

    to me, 'truth' is an attribute of a statement....

    Bush is President of the United States

    is, unfortunately, true.

    I don't see what it even means to say that 'freedom is a promised truth of capitalism'.  I can't agree or disagree, I simply don't know what it means.

    If you say, e.g. "The American system promises freedom" then I can agree.  If you say "That promise is not completely fulfilled" I can also agree.  Even here 'freedomn' is ill-defined.  Freedom to do what? To whom?

    I also don't see how a society can be called biologistic.  Societies don't reproduce themselves in anything like the way that plant or animals do.  Societies fail for a variety of reasons: Some are conquered in war; some have a revolution; etc.  The French Revolution leads to Napoleon.  The Russian revolution to Stalin.  

    Once in a while, a government does have something like 'child governments' that become separate countries without revolutions (e.g Canada from Great Britain; Australia from Great Britain) but this is rare.

    As to anarchy, I completely disagree with that, I am not an anarchist.  I think anarchy always leads to really horrible authoritarian or totalitarian forms of government.  

    What are you reading? on Friday mornings
    What have you got to learn? (or teach) on Saturdays

    by plf515 on Fri Jan 19, 2007 at 09:53:38 AM PST

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    •  It seems that your only definition of "truth" (0+ / 0-)

      is in the logic specific notion of 'truth value', i.e. such and such a statement has truth value with respect to concommitant statements.

      Truth is a very fungible entity. We speak of truths about our own individual lives each day that certainly don't have any truth value in a logical sense - but they have a far more important meaning in a lived sense.

      Truth is a dynamic category. There are many truths. There are truths confirmed by science. There are truths confirmed by history. There are truths that are imminent within ourselves as individuals, or societies, or species. Truth has less to do with whther or not a 'statement' is true or false, as per those god awful tests we base 'is our children learning' laws these days, than with a greater sense of the history of ideas, the history of humanity. If there has been anything like an ultimate truth in science in recent memory, it's the fundamental understanding that science itself is simply another manner in which we apprehend the world - the rule for is science though is whether or not it works. Even scientific truth itself is not truth per se. It is true only until something comes along showing otherwise.

      Truth is what we fundamentally seek as human beings. Is truth the love of family? Is truth striking out on your own? Is truth only the world of academia? Is truth fixing the engine of your classic car, or souping up your guitar?

      One can analyze social phenomena like capitalism and discern certain fundamental principles that ground such phenomena - it is not hard to do this because all things that we live within, from science to economics, are ultimately created by ourselves. If we can do anything, we can at least understand ourselves.

      So when I speak of truth, I speak of truth in these many senses.

      •  OK (1+ / 0-)
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        We can define terms as we wish.

        I still think my definition leads to clearer statements, but this all started with your diary, and you can use your terms that way.  Your use certainly isn't unique to you.

        I would prefer to note that 'truth' (in the narrow sense) is not the be-all and end-all, nor is it something we spend our lives seeking.  People can value fixing their cars, or the love of a family or what-have-you, but when I try to fix my car I am not seeking 'truth' I'm seeking a working car, and I'm also probably seeking the satisfaction of a job well-done.  When my son gives me a kiss I feel good, but I don't think of that as 'truth' but as love.

        Interesting discussion.

        What are you reading? on Friday mornings
        What have you got to learn? (or teach) on Saturdays

        by plf515 on Sat Jan 20, 2007 at 04:02:16 AM PST

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