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View Diary: Sen. Envi. Cmtee. Comm. Dir./Swiftboater attacks Gore, Global Warming with Holocaust (130 comments)

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  •  Another change - NOT the "Comm Dir" (2+ / 0-)
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    Winnie, dotcommodity

    This guy is NOT the Staff Director or Chief Counsel of the Committee - BECAUSE HE'S IN THE MINORITY!! Please! Change your title to be more accurate - he's a minority staffer, treat him that way.

    •  the diary body reflects that (0+ / 0-)

      the last data I could find listed him as communications director, and I haven't found anything to the contrary, the name of a new person in that role or anything. I started with the worst-case assumption that he was continuing in the role, or at least continuing until a replacement was selected by the new majority leadership.

      •  The Web is not the be all and end all (0+ / 0-)

        I get a little frustrated with people here thinking that because it's on the web site, or not on the web site, it must have some political significance.  I just looked through the EPW web site, and clearly Boxer's people have not updated the "Majority Page" or the welcome page intro.  That does NOT mean that the jobs have not changed hands to reflect Democratic control - I would be utterly astounded if that were the case.  

        Now, should the web page be updated?   Yes.  I notice that for all the Senate Committee pages I looked at, the minority is given space on the home page and their own links.  If you look at House web sites, this is not the case - at least for Ways and Means, the Democrats own the Committee web site, and the minority sets up its own page.  And those pages are completely updated, fully reflecting the change in control.

        So, yes, it's good to alert Boxer's people to fix the fucking web page - but does Inhofe's guy's release on the front page (which is a couple weeks old at least) reflect anything real?  No.

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