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View Diary: Compendium of Public-Domain Image Links (152 comments)

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  •  So is DailyKos being targeted by someone? (3+ / 0-)

    Now that Kos has cracked down on the use of copyrighted images, I think it might be useful to examine what public-domain image resources are available for our diarists.

    I notice that in that thread KOS say in a comment

    I'm getting cease and desist letters pretty much weekly.

    This seems a bit strange to me.  Just how likely is it that this much traffic would be generated without some sort of organization?  Perhaps I spend too much time with my tinfoil hat on, but I wonder if there is some sort of project going on in the right wing blogosphere to trace down the owners of images posted in diary posting here and pass links to little seen diary posting on to copyright owners of the sort who have the machinery in place to send out such letters?

    Just wondering.

    •  Perhaps, but still violations (3+ / 0-)

      Is DKos being targeted? Perhaps. But it's the old story of giving your enemy a weapon to use against you, and then acting surprised when they do. If Kossacks follow the copyright rules (and Kos' rules, btw), it makes it that much harder for the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy to stir up trouble. Not that they'll stop, but still, make 'em work harder. (And that's a mighty nice tinfoil hat you've got there...) :)

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