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  •  I remember those discussions (2+ / 0-)
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    Elise, KansasLiberal

    I just had no idea of what the issues were about.

    I can't believe you had the presence and clarity of mind to take such a stand.

    I tried to be flexible with the catholic church, but when the local bishop swung Missouri's election to Bush in 2004 saying that it was a sin to vote for Kerry, I lost all faith in organized, institutional religion.

    God is like the air we breath - ubiquitous - you don't need an institution to commune with God nor Nature.

    •  I was always a little mature for my age, (0+ / 0-)

      so when I was 12 I had good friends that were 14 and 15. Also, my parents never censored anything that I watched or read or listened to, so I pretty much had free reign. They also answered all my matter how uncomfortable they were (my dad was always better at this than my mom was).

      I wasn't catholic for very long. I was Confirmed, but shortly after that I became an atheist.

      Incidentally, I was the ONLY girl who graduated in my year who did not find herself pregnant in high school and married shortly afterward.

      •  Coodles to you (1+ / 0-)
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        And I was always young for my age. Still am. But immaturity in an adult male is very American.

        My father is not any religion, and my mother was a converted catholic. She is pro-choice on abortion. Amazingly so, even though she feels it is morally wrong.

        My father was all for me figuring things out on my own, sometimes not answering my questions on politics. My mother however was prepared to tell me what to think.  

        Both are nominal independents, but ardent Republicans in practice. I think the last time my father voted Democrat was Kennedy. My mother probably has never voted Democratic.  I talked my father into voting Perot in 1992 - but after Clinton got elected he returned to the Republican fold. This was aided and abetted by his retirement in 1992 - he spent every day since, listening to Rush Limbaugh as he builds cabinets and furniture out in the garage.  He's now so far to the right that it disturbs me.

        The long term effect of Bush is going to be the decline of the United States brought forward by anwere from 50 to 100 years.  At best we will share global parity with China and India.  This parity can be augmented only by alliance with Europe and Japan. More probably we will be to China what Britain or France is to us - one fifth the power of the real leader.

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