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View Diary: Al Gore rocks the house in Boise (292 comments)

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  •  Wish I could have been there. (9+ / 0-)

    Would love to see his presentation in person.  Great to hear he actually customizes it to the location.  And constantly updating keeps it alive.  We're not listening to and old story that will just go away--it's happening now, constant additional signs and evidence.  

    And, to draw 10,000 in Idaho!  Quite an achievement indeed.  

    Was originally with him in his pretty definite indication that he had chosen not to be a candidate in '08.  I could understand his perception that he could do more for his environmental crusade by avoiding the whole political arena.  But I'm beginning to feel differently.  

    Since the US has such a huge footprint on all things environmental, and so much of that footprint depends on policy, and immediate action is so critical, I'm beginning to think that Gore must consider running because he, as President, may be the only one who can actually make things happen within the time frame that's needed.  The Bush administration has created crises in all areas--foreign, domestic, and totally global in scope.  It will take a world-class individual to resolve these critical problems, while not letting the pressing issue of global warming slip into the background.  We need someone who knows this issue like the back of his hand so that it doesn't actually take away from other matters in order to adequately address global warming.  Other things can be put on the shelf for a later date when domestic (Katrina) or international (Iraq/Iran, etc.) fires erupt, but this is not the case with global warming--a clock is ticking on this one, big time.  I think Gore may be the only one who can do this.

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