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  •  It wasn't just a media perception (2+ / 0-)
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    thepdxbikerboy, la urracca

    that Al Gore chose Joe Lieberman as his running mate.  And it's not just an evolution of his political thinking that would make Gore never in a million years choose Lieberman again.

    To minimize criticism of Gore in 2000 as media victimhood is really to minimize an appreciation of Gore in 2007 for how much he's grown.

    There are few examples of successful adults who are open-minded enough to improve themselves in fundamental ways.  You don't do Gore a service by trying to whitewash his former mistakes.

    •  Correcting mistakes is one thing... (3+ / 0-)
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      racerx, sj, think blue

      But Lieberman selection then was another.  He (Lieberman, or at least our perception of him) is the one that changed on us.  The Iraq war issue really brings out the hidden Lieberman -- he did not seem so bad to most Democrats in 2000.  At least, I did not know of any issues in his past then that troubled me -- the issue of the Clinton/Monica speech on the floor of the Senate  seemed a minor vanity point then.  It now seems obvious that that was the true nature of the man: preachy, preening, perversely obstinate and petulant.  You can hardly blame Gore for seeing in Lieberman what most of us saw then.  Perhaps Gore was a little defensive, trying to innoculate himself away from Clinton's shame, but that is hardly a character flaw, given the media landscape then.

      •  All good points, (0+ / 0-)

        though I thought at the time that Lieberman's sanctimoniousness and prigishness were insufferable.

        The real point is this: while Gore apparently thought that the argument to choose Lieberman was convincing, and I think mostly because he was feeling defensive about being associated with Clinton, I don't believe that Gore today would allow such defensiveness to have such an important role in his decision making.  I think his sense of urgency would be the dominant factor, which is why he now presents himself with so much more self-confidence and creativity.  He's a much stronger public figure today, both shielding him from attacks and making him respond to them better.

        It's not just media perception, or hindsight.

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