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View Diary: Al Gore rocks the house in Boise (292 comments)

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    because they were naive and uninformed, willing to listen to the lies Nader told about Gore.  I know lots of people who voted for him,  most of them are very sorry they did.  How they believed the lie that Gore was not good enough on the environment is beyond me. And NAFTA was an idea that could not be avoided.  Gore has said there are adjustments to be made. But there is not a candidate running who wants to eliminate NAFTA and it it naive to believe that we can live in todays world without making trade agreements that favor free trade.  It is good for us as well as the rest of the world of which we are a part.  
    Your characterization of Gore is extreme and unjustified.  This is never going to be a socialist heaven where the state owns and controls all business.  We are a work in progress and of all the people who have ever run for national office, Gore alone seems to have the knowlege the vision and the will to speak out about what he really believes.
    Take the Nader filters off your ears.

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