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    In lieu of the FCC actually doing anything though (heh)--I'd suggest a really strong offense. Dems are still playing defense against Murdoch and the FOX News crowd, I think it's time to start using the names of the journalists that are doing this. Obama did it in his press release regarding this smear--and we should pick up on it.

    It's not just FOX NEWS, it's the lousy--almost criminally lousy John Gibson at FOX NEWS who fielded this lie. As Obama's put it in a press release:

    "John Gibson again discussed the Insight Magazine story without any attempt to independently confirm the charges."

    John Gibson is a lousy fucking reporter.
    John Gibson needs to get his ass fired.
    John Gibson couldn't fact check his way out of a wet paper bag.

    If you have friends that are right wing, denigrate FOX NEWS, but make sure to point out that John Gibson is a fucking liar, too.

    Everyone on this thread should know, and should repeat his name everywhere, all the time--John Gibson lies and FOX NEWS pays for it.

    If John Gibson objects to being called a liar everywhere, great, but don't stop. Call him out by name, John Gibson is a liar, everywhere everytime and if HE decides to sue, it will be really funny to see him attempt to prove he isn't  actually a liar.

    Evolution is scientifically provable, except in the case of Ann Coulter.

    by DelicateMonster on Wed Jan 24, 2007 at 08:10:11 PM PST

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